27 Video Tutorials for Learning Laravel 5

Laracasts has been hard at work on the Laravel Fundamentals series. If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s 27 episodes to get you up to speed on all the new Laravel 5 features.

Here is a list of all the topics covered:

  • Meet Composer
  • Virtual Machines and Homestead
  • A Gentle Introduction to Routing, Controllers, and Views
  • Passing Data to Views
  • Blade 101
  • Environments and Configuration
  • Migrations
  • Eloquent 101
  • Basic Model/Controller/View Workflow
  • Forms
  • Dates, Mutators, and Scopes
  • Form Requests and Controller Validation
  • View Partials and Form Reuse
  • Eloquent Relationships
  • Easy Auth
  • Ogres Are Like Middleware
  • Midterm Review
  • Route Model Binding
  • Manage Your Assets
  • Flash Messaging
  • Many to Many Relations (With Tags)
  • Selecting Tags From the UI
  • Syncing Tags
  • Enhancing Select Elements
  • When You Want a View Partial to Always Receive Data
  • The Service Container
  • Loose Ends and Wrapping Up

This is an in-depth series where everyone from beginners to the experienced will learn something new.