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Laravel News is written and curated by Eric Barnes. The site is a link blog where I showcase and highlight items related to the Laravel PHP framework and general web development that I think you’ll find interesting.

Here is a list of some of the popular posts:

This site started in January of 2014 when I made a new years resolution to write more. Laravel is a topic I’m interested in and by using the link blog format it allows me to make quick posts almost daily. While still having the medium for more long-form posts and original content which is stored in the archive.

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If you’d like to contact me the best way is via Twitter at @ericlbarnes.

How this site is powered

I built the site with PhpStorm, WordPress, TypeKit, and proudly using Laravel Forge to manage the server and deployments on Digital Ocean. Signup for Digital Ocean from that link and get a $10 credit. Backups are handled automatically by Ottomatik.

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