Andrea Faulds Quits PHP Internals

Yesterday, Andrea Faulds, a core PHP contributor quit. She had four active RFC’s including: Scalar Type Hints, Spaceship/Combined Comparison Operator, Void Return Type, and Big Integer Support.

Andrea lists the following reason for quitting:

For my own reasons, I have decided to cease my involvement with PHP development. This isn’t a judgement of the PHP community nor the internals mailing list, you’re all wonderful people and it’s really been a pleasure, and I mean that completely honestly. However, this has ended up taking up too much of my time (which is my own fault, and my own fault alone) and I can’t really justify it to myself anymore.

In light of this, Hacklang/HHVM is asking any frustrated devs to consider contributing to it instead of quitting PHP.

Competition is usually a good thing and this could be a turning point for internals.