Angular 2.0

Interesting look at whats coming to Angular 2.0. The most notable changes to me is:

Mobile First

Angular 2 is a framework for mobile apps. It is for desktop as well, but mobile is the hard bit that we will get right first. The Angular you know and, hopefully, love will still be there with data-binding, extensible HTML, and a focus on testability.

Browser Support

The set currently includes Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, and IE11. On mobile, we’ll support something close to the list of Chrome on Android, iOS 6+, Windows Phone 8+ and Firefox mobile. We’re looking into supporting older versions of Android, but the jury is still out.


We’ll be upgrading AngularDart as we build AngularJS 2 so folks who prefer the Dart language can enjoy the same benefits as folks on JS. Our goal is that there will be a single framework with your choice of language.

I still use Backbone as primary JS framework but lots rave about Angular and the tutorials I’ve seen make it really impressive. I have confidence 2.0 will be even better and glad to see it pushing the web forward.