The Art of Programming

Erika Heidi on the Art of Programming:

I see programming as a form of art, but you know: not all artists are the same. As with painters, there are many programmers who only replicate things, never coming up with something original.

Genuine artists are different. They come up with new things, they set new standards for the future, they change the current environment for the better. They are not afraid of critique. The “replicators” will try to let them down, by saying “why creating something new if you can use X or Y”?

Because they are not satisfied with X or Y. Because they want to experiment and try by themselves as a learning tool. Because they want to create, they want to express themselves in code. Because they are just free to do it, even if it’s not something big that will change the world.

I agree 100%. Try, experiment, learn, and never be afraid to experiment.