DreamFactory open source REST API platform hits 2.1 with Laravel (sponsor)


DreamFactory lets developers install a free open source REST API backend on any server, connect to any database, and instantly get the REST APIs they need to build and deploy modern mobile, web, and IoT applications.

With the introduction of DreamFactory 2.0  developers can specify virtual relationships between any two tables using a new feature called DataMesh. The tables can be located on different databases, and the databases can be located on different servers. This is a game changing capability because now a developer can create, read, update, and delete related data across multiple servers with a single REST API call!

Many parts of our application are smaller modules that are easier to install with Composer. This new approach ensures rapid integration with existing Laravel applications  The idea is to only install what you want, add or remove when necessary. Adding additional features, like your method of authentication and services or scaling, is streamlined and efficient.