Five resources for your Friday

Happy Friday! I know you are ready for the week to be over so here are five resources to check out while you are waiting for the weekend.

AMA with Jeffrey Way →

Jeffrey Way the founder of Laracasts did an AMA and it features many great questions and answers. You can browse through it and gain advice from someone that has been in the industry a long time.

One of my favorites is from Ozzie Neher, who asked about getting into teaching.

I would document everything I learned. Back then, it was less meant to teach others, and more to educate my future self.

I’d finally understand a particular concept, and would instantly write a blog entry. It turns out that people actually read these articles.

Add a Transpose Method to collections →

Adam Wathan has a new tutorial showing how he cleaned up form input with a custom transpose collection method.

Here is the finished result:

public function store(Request $request)
    ]))->transpose()->map(function ($contactData) {
        return new Contact([
            'name' => $contactData[0],
            'email' => $contactData[1],
            'occupation' => $contactData[2],
    })->each(function ($contact) {

    return redirect()->home();

I know this doesn’t give you much context but as Pan said in the comments, “Adam, you create beautiful chains”.

Replace Conditional with Polymorphism →

Jesse Schutt wrote a tutorial on refactoring by replacing conditionals with polymorphism.

If you are wanting to learn more about refactoring check out this tutorial and his previous on Simplifying Conditional Expressions.

Analyzing Your Stripe Data, Part 1: Measuring Subscription MRR →

This article isn’t Laravel specific but it does a lot of fancy SQL to generate MRR (monthly recurring revenue) from Stripe.


Publishing package assets the right way →

Freek Van der Herten has a new tip for all the package creators that recommend running:

php artisan vendor:publish

This causes every package installed to publish their assets. It’s a simple change and all you need to do is add the --provider flag to your readme.