Laravel 5.6.20 Released

Laravel 5.6.20 was released May 3rd 2018, with the ability to give the abort() helper function a Response or a Responsable object:

Next, this release brings two new methods to the task scheduler,
pingBeforeIf and thenPingIf to conditionally ping before or after a task respectively:

    ->pingBeforeIf(app()->environment('production'), $url)
    ->thenPingIf(app()->environment('production'), $url);

Last, the MorphTo relationship now supports withDefault() that is returned if the relationship is null.

Here are the full release notes for the v5.6.20 release:

v5.6.20 (2018-05-02)


  • Support passing Response and Responsable to abort() (4e29889)
  • Added pingBeforeIf and thenPingIf methods to task scheduler (#24077, 1bf54d2)
  • Added withDefault() support to MorphTo relationships (#24061)


  • Fixed URL generator when request has base path (#24074)