Laravel 5.6.3 Released and GitHub Stargazing

Laravel 5.6.3 is available as of Friday, which reverts an issue with a previous 5.6 release and updates Vue and React presets to Bootstrap 4. A couple of releases went out last week following the big release of Laravel 5.6 at Laracon Online 2018 on February 8th. You can find the release notes at the end of this article.

As a quick aside: Laravel is also the top spot for backend frameworks trending on GitHub 🔥! If you haven’t starred Laravel on GitHub, now’s as good a time as any!

Laravel Trending on GitHub with 39.5k stars

Okay, back to the release notes. The latest 5.6 releases only contain a few changes, but it’s worth noting that you should update to the most recent 5.6 version which includes a few reverts and fixes since the 5.6.0 release.

Here are the full release notes of Laravel 5.6.1, 5.6.2, and 5.6.3:

v5.6.3 (2018-02-09)


  • Fixed an issue in TestResponse::assertSessionHasErrors() (#23093)
  • Update Vue and React presets to Bootstrap v4 (8a9c5c4)

v5.6.2 (2018-02-08)


  • Support customization of schedule mutex cache store (20e2919)


  • Reverted changes to TestResponse::assertSessionHasErrors() #23055 (0362a90)

v5.6.1 (2018-02-08)


  • Added Slack attachment pretext attribute (#23075)


  • Added missing nested joins in Grammar::compileJoins() (#23059)
  • Improved session errors assertions in TestResponse::assertSessionHasErrors() (#23055)


  • Fixed BelongsToMany pivot relation wakeup (#23081)


  • Removed monolog configurator (#23078)