Laravel Eloquence Package

Eloquence is a package to extend Laravel 5’s base Eloquent models and functionality.

It allows developers to continue using the PSR-0 standard when dealing with database field names in models. This package will be built on in the future to add more features to the great Eloquent library.

Eloquent comes with the following two traits:

CamelCaseModel trait

The CamelCaseModel trait will ensure that all those attributes, relationships and associated data from our Eloquent models persist through to our APIs in a camel-case manner. This is important if you are writing front-end applications, which are also using camelCase.

UUID trait

This will turn off id auto-incrementing in your model, and instead automatically generate a UUID4 value for your id field. One benefit of this is that you can actually know the id of your record BEFORE it’s saved!