Laravel IO: The Road Ahead

Dries Vints just made an announcement about the future of and his vision for it:

Now that the transfer is official it’s time to take a look at the future for Laravel IO. The way I see it is that Laravel IO is currently a place where all of the Laravel community comes together. Whether it is to discuss or ask a question in the forums, listen to the podcast or share their code using the pastebin, Laravel IO is a place where you can rely on great Laravel content. I feel strongly about continuing down this path and expanding Laravel IO into a platform where you’d always go if you want to find something Laravel related. I have a vision for Laravel IO where it’s the homepage for Laravel developers, from which they start their search for packages, resources, educational material, help or other great content about Laravel. In the next couple of months I’m going to dedicate all of my work I put in open-source in my free time to making that vision a reality.

Dries goes on to say:

The road ahead and the future for Laravel IO is bright. I’m planning on getting the development of Laravel IO started actively again. I want Laravel IO to be an example of a platform which empowers all of Laravel’s best practices ranging from Eloquent to Homestead and Forge. I want Laravel IO to be an open-source project people can go to, contribute to and learn from.

I think this is a good move and I believe Dries will be able to make this into a reality. Hopefully the community will be able to chip and help him as this is a big undertaking. It’s great to see the community thriving with so many great resources.