Laravel Spark Updates

Taylor announced today a new feature coming to Laravel Spark that will allow users to upload avatars to help you easily build a community around your subscriptions.

Spark Profile Images
Spark Profile Images

During the process of creating this feature, he came across a way of improving the local file storage. Previously, it was left up to you to figure out where you want your image uploads to go, with this new change a new /storage/public will be included. Here is how he explained the benefits:

When using deployment systems like Envoyer, an entirely fresh copy of the repository is installed with each deploy and the storage directory is attached to a permanent storage directory using a symbolic link. If you store your user uploads in public, they will all go missing on your subsequent deployment. The solution is to store the uploads in your persistent storage directory and then create a symbolic link from your public directory to your storage directory during your deployment process.

You can find out more from Taylor’s recent blog post.