Laravel Stats Tracker

Antonio Ribeiro has just released a new stats tracker package for Laravel:

Tracker gathers a lot of information from your requests to identify and store:

  • Sessions
  • Page Views (hits on routes)
  • Users (logged users)
  • Devices (computer, smartphone, tablet…)
  • User Devices (by, yeah, storing a cookie on each device)
  • Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer…)
  • Operating Systems (iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows…)
  • Geo Location Data (Latitute, Longitude, Country and City)
  • Routes and all its parameters
  • Events
  • Referers
  • Exceptions/Errors
  • Sql queries and all its bindings
  • Url queries and all its arguments
  • Database connections

I’m excited about the possibilities of this package. I’ve been running the stats app Mint – now abandonware – and it’s doing the job, just not great. It looks like this could be a replacement. Without trying it yet, I’m a little concerned on the db exploding on a busy site but hopefully by limiting the tracking to important areas it would be fairly safe.