What is The League of Extraordinary Packages?

Phil Sturgeon has a new post explaining what exactly is “The League” and a little about the FIG drama.

This is the story of group of friends, who decided to write some code, but somehow confused and angered everyone with a keyboard.

tl:dr; “Waaaaah why doesn’t everyone like usssss…” That said, the long-form might entertain anyone who is curious about The League. It has a bizarrely controversial existence.

Before I’ve never really understood what the League really is, right or wrong I’ve always seen Phil as the leader of the group as a whole, then each person leads their own package. This is also why I totally see the reasons behind the php-fig “INTERNETSPLOSION”.

but the tl:dr; is that half the FIG freaked out. I don’t need to play-by-play this stuff, but if you want to I’d suggest cracking out a big bottle of something stiff. It will take you quite some time to wade through it, but it’s bizarre, amazing and… well I don’t have any more words for it. I can’t even with that thread.

The thread derailed a lot, but from an outsider I think the arguments are genuine. It’s all about the outward perception of the group and making sure it has a good standing in the public eyes. By allowing the League and PyroCMS then it looks like Phil has a lot of lobbying power for both projects. I don’t believe the question was ever if Phil would abuse this, rather it’s the public perception that could undermine the entire group. The members have invested a lot of time and that would be unfortunate.

At the end of the day lobbying is going to happen inside any group of voters. The government, FIG, a local chamber of commerce, or PHP itself. So making sure everything appears on the up and up is important for the long term success of a group.