Learn with Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way started a new blog on Laracasts and has just published his first post, and it’s a great one.

This part really stuck out to me:

But with a screencast, even if I didn’t understand every line of code that the host wrote, I was still picking up countless little tips and tricks. The sorts of tricks that simply can’t be conveyed by a book.

Which editor does this person use?
How do they use Git in their workflow?
How were they able to browse to that method so quickly?
Oh, I didn’t know that you could use that syntax!

I was actually thinking about this a few days back. Being a remote worker I loose out on looking over my co-workers shoulder and picking up neat tricks. I guarantee my co-workers use lots tools and shortcuts that will blow my mind.

Of course I agree with the rest of the post too. Web development has a vicious learning cycle that never ends. At some point it has to stable out and slow down, but that may not happen until after I retire.