A look at whats coming to Laravel 5.2.23

Mohamed Said put together a new post outlining some new features coming to Laravel 5.2.23.

Some of the new features include:

  • in_array validation rule
  • Arr::first() & Arr::last() now have the callback optional
  • New Blade directives @php, @endphp, and @unset
  • Ability to escape blade directives
  • New monthlyOn() method for scheduling commands
  • New app()->isLocale() method
  • seeElement() and dontSeeElement() test helpers

As well as a new fluent builder for MySQL JSON fields:

// Column data
// You may dive deep in the JSON string using the `->` operator.
User::where('name->en', 'name')->get();

Check out his post for code samples and to for more information.