Mammouth – CoffeeScript for PHP

Mammouth is a small language that compiles into PHP, inspired by CoffeeScript. It’s compiled to PHP code/files that you can run on your PHP server.

Now I know nothing about this project and just happened to run across it. I’m not a fan of this for php but it did make me think for a minute on why I like CoffeeScript so much.

First I like the syntax so much better than JavaScript. That is my number one reason. Secondly, all js is usually processed by something. Meaning you are typically concatenating, minifying, and running jshint/jslint. So on most applications you already have this step, adding one more isn’t going to be that painful.

Granted this is a debate much like tabs vs spaces and there is no winner. Use what you enjoy and always remember, CoffeeScript is for closers. :-)