Mandrill Forcefully Requiring Mailchimp Accounts

Yesterday Mandrill started emailing customers letting them know of an important policy change. Now all accounts will require a Mailchimp account, and you have less than 60 days to either move away or transition.

The social media response shows that a lot of developers are angry about this and upset with the short timeframe of moving. Ben the co-founder of Mailchimp said, “Startup developers looking for a cheap, reliable transactional service may want to consider Amazon SES.”. What hasn’t been fully said is why this change is so sudden. Is it because of spam on the service? Removing the freeloaders? Raising their MRR?

There is some good news if you are a Mandrill user. Laravel provides out of the box email drivers that support Mailgun and SES. Switching should be just a matter of changing the config.