New Home for CodeIgniter


The Dean and faculty support real world projects using a living lab model that brings practical exposure and involvement to their students. They’ve built impressive living labs in construction, energy, and health. CodeIgniter is a perfect fit for this model, and BCIT has the resources and infrastructure to manage it effectively.

James Parry, a web technology instructor within the BCIT School of Computing and Academic Studies with many years of CodeIgniter experience, will lead the project. He will assemble a steering committee to advance and improve the framework. The committee will consist of members of the CodeIgniter community as well as some of BCIT’s standout students who have commercial web development experience. CodeIgniter will be a hub that BCIT students can gain real-world knowledge and experience around.

And that is the biggest advantage BCIT brought over other qualified candidates. If you use CodeIgniter, you will benefit directly from their stewardship. The success of their students is intrinsically tied to not just teaching, but in shaping CodeIgniter to be at the forefront of modern programming. The result for everyone using it is a solid and fresh foundation that you can count on.

So based on this CodeIgniter is going to get a rewrite to be at the forefront of “modern programming”?

I have to assume that a commercial interest is at stake here and BCIT is planning on getting more students by marketing web development classes around “their” framework. Learn from the creators type of marketing.

Currently all we can do is speculate and hopefully BCIT will post about their vision for the project.