NomadPHP November Meetings

Mark your calendars for tomorrows NomadPHP meetings:

Behat v3! BDD, Functional Tests and Selenium by Ryan Weaver

Testing our applications is something we all do. Ahem, rather, it’s something we all wish we did. In this chat, I’ll introduce you to Behat (version 3!!!!): a behavior-driven-development (BDD) library that allows you to write functional tests against your application just by writing human-readable sentences/scenarios.

Iterators in PHP by Jake Smith

PHP iterators have been around since PHP 5, but are heavily under utilized. With all the built-in iterators there is no reason you shouldn’t be leveraging it’s power and flexibility. In this session you will learn about all the built-in PHP iterators and be guided on how to extend and/or create your own iterators.