Nomad PHP October Meetings

Mark your calendars for tomorrows Nomad PHP meetings:

Faster Web Development with Yii Framework 2 by Larry Ullman:

No doubt, there are a lot of PHP frameworks to choose from, but my personal favorite is Yii. Yii is your standard MVC framework, complete with scaffolding, performance tools, and a high level of extendibility. Yii has a pretty low level of entry for beginners, with great power and capability for the expert. Really, Yii is just a delight to work with. In this presentation, I’m going to introduce web development using Yii, using live coding and demonstrations. Plenty of time will be given to the range of what Yii offers, with an emphasis of what I consider to be its strengths. The presentation will also cover what’s new in version 2 of the framework, which is coming out in 2014. And despite the fact that I really like Yii, absolutely no time will be spent suggesting why it’s better or worse than your favorite framework.

Testing Spaghetti by Gemma Anible:

The nightmare is at your doorstep! You’ve been tasked with extending a legacy PHP web application, a mash of raw SQL and HTML and PHP all inside out and backwards and spread over a several dozen (or hundred!) files. You know getting the system under test will push the project forward, but where do you start?

Come learn a slow, careful approach to incorporating automated unit tests into untestable code. See how your tests can slip in unobtrusively to take over your codebase from the inside, eating away at the spaghetti and creating a solid platform for future development.