NomadPHP September Meetings

On Sept 18 Nomad PHP has two scheduled meetings:

Secure Password Hashing: It’s Not Just For Experts by Jeremy Kendall

Password hashing has long been a realm of mystery and a giant pain point for many developers who are not already experts in cryptography. Thankfully, some recent changes in the PHP language and recent open source contributions have made hashing headaches a thing of the past. In this talk we’ll learn about some password hashing pitfalls, the tiniest bit of theory as to why secure hashing is important, and then we’ll dig into some code that will have you hashing passwords securely in no time.

Surprise! It’s PHP by Sharon Lee Levy

I explore various questions pertaining to a medley of topics. Initially the talk focuses on some undocumented fun to be had with identifiers. Attention next shifts to PHP’s comma operator and considers whether it even merits that designation. The main topic, which follows, derives from an example of some very questionable PHP logic. To avoid making a hasty, superficial judgment will entail discovering the hidden story behind PHP’s truth values. Particularly fascinating is the influence of other languages on their development and meaning. This segment also peers into PHP’s internal workings in a friendly fashion for non-C programmers. Novices as well as senior developers are all welcome; there’s plenty of code for everyone! Come learn about what surprises await you.