Sponsor: Building Secure PHP Apps

Laravel News is sponsored this week by the Building Secure PHP Apps ebook by Ben Edmunds.

Way back in my CodeIgniter days the “go to” auth system was Ion Auth created by Ben. This is how I first heard of him and since, we’ve met up at a few conferences. I consider him a friend and a developer that I trust. I’m happy his new ebook is sponsoring this week of Laravel News. The book itself is a handbook style guide to specific items you can act on. The topics covered include:

  • Never trust your users – escape all input
  • HTTPS/SSL/BCA/JWH/SHA and other random letters, some of them actually matter
  • Password Encryption and Storage for Everyone
  • Authentication, Access Control, and Safe File Handing
  • Safe Defaults, Cross Site Scripting and other Popular Hacks

I think this quote sums the book up nicely and something I’ve seen in various projects I’ve worked on:

I still repeatedly see basic security being overlooked. So let’s fix that.

If you haven’t already, go buy a copy and learn the security basics that a senior developer usually acquires over years of experience, all condensed down into one quick and easy handbook.