Sponsor: LaraJobs + Laracon = Awesome


Have a job to fill? Get in front of the very best Laravel/PHP developers in the world with LaraJobs at Laracon. We’ve worked out an amazing opportunity with Taylor and the Laracon team to feature a set number of jobs at Laracon US!

Every job posted between July 20th and July 31st will be highlighted on the main conference room projection system to the entire audience at each intermission! We’ll also publish postcard size handouts about every job for the 400+ developers in attendance.

All that, in addition to what always comes with a LaraJobs post like exposure across our partner sites, thousands of daily views from developers, and tweets from our @LaraJobs account.

Don’t miss the ONLY chance to get your key positions in front of the most talented PHP developers in person.

Read all the details here: LaraJobs + Laracon US

P.S. If you haven’t gotten your Laracon ticket yet, be sure you do. They’re almost gone. See you there.


Many thanks to LaraJobs for sponsoring Laravel News again this week.