There is no place for just shitting all over other people’s work

This is an old post from 2011 by Jason Zimdars talking about design but with recent events it can sure be related to development. A couple of great quotes from the article:

Instead of considering what went into the design, we point at laugh at someone’s “terrible design”, retweet and reblog then go on with our superior existence.

and the closing:

Hiding behind your Twitter avatar and telling the world how terrible everything is is pretty easy. It’s even funny sometimes. Putting yourself on the line and making something original is really hard work. Which one do you want to be. Which one deserves our respect and attention?

The real problem is it’s draining, tiring, annoying, and just takes all the energy out of those that are creating. When you put yourself out in the world you are taking a risk. We should all be striving to build up, not tearing down.