Thoughts on Laravel Expansions

Taylor has mentioned that he plans on releasing some premium, opt-in features in Laravel 4.2. I have read some comments thinking this could be a bad thing but I don’t see it that way.

It has been hinted that these are not going to be traditional things found in most frameworks. Instead they are going to be expansions for adding features that are common in a lot of apps but are mundane to build. As in that cruddy work that you don’t want to spend time on creating.

Just brainstorming from the little information given I would think some expansions could be pushing assets to third party services, billing, etc. Keep in mind these are just my thoughts, nothing official.

The big takeaway though is these will be secondary and affordable. If you think it will save you time then get it. If not, no big deal, just build it yourself. However from the quality of code Taylor puts out I can assure you they will be solid and worth whatever it costs.