Top 5 trends of Laravel’s rise in 2014 – Maks Surguy

Maks Surguy writes:

Of course if you are new to Laravel, you might be wondering about questions like these:

  • Who uses Laravel in the real world? Are any big names on the list?
  • Is there any data that shows rise of Laravel comparing to other frameworks?
  • Is Laravel worth the investment? Will it be worth to switch to it?
  • How secure is Laravel?
  • Will Laravel still be useful a year, two or three from now?

I think these are pretty good questions to ask however I feel Maks missed the biggest question, and that is “How many learning resources are available?”.

I feel like this is where Laravel really shines. By having Laracasts, lots of books, and hundreds of blog posts around it means that if you want to get started it’s really easy.

I also wrote a post back in January with my thoughts on why laravel is succeeding and although I put more focus on the community and the ease of use I think these two posts together really show that it isn’t one thing making it successful. Instead it’s the vision, the community, and a an enjoyment of using the framework.