Toran Proxy and the future of Composer

Jordi Boggiano, the creator of Composer, has a new post outlining his brand new offering built around Composer:

Toran Proxy does mainly two things at the moment: it proxies Packagist, GitHub and others to make Composer faster and more reliable, and it allows you to host private packages easily. This was already sort of possible with Satis and many people used various amounts of hackery to get there. Toran makes it easier and faster. It integrates better with Composer since it acts as a real proxy. It can fetch/build packages lazily or can build them ahead of time, enabling you to choose between a lower disk usage or more safety against GitHub outages and such.

This is what excites me:

More reliable and faster Composer deployments

I hope this turns out to be a success for Jordi and I think it’s a good move.